Sunday, November 21, 2010


Hey everyone,

Welcome to my new blog!  There's nothing here right now yet, but I promise there will be many interesting entries to come.  When I sat down and wondered...

What should I write about?  What do I find interesting right now?

Then an idea came up.  Why not write about things that people should buy?  Perhaps sometimes, someone is thinking of getting the perfect gift, and can't figure out what it is.  Who knows, something here might save your life :).  I was thinking like... is there anything I want to buy?  I haven't bought anything significant in a long time, and Christmas and Boxing Day are coming up!  That means... LOTS OF GIFTS (to give)...

Hope you guys enjoy the blog :)

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Monster Madness said...

I discovered your blog a while ago and it's great! :)

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