Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Time For Some Cleaning!

Looking around my room, one thing is certain, I need to clean up.

Some things are simple to fix, like putting away stuff, rearranging things to make my room look nice, but there is one thing that I can think of that I definitely need...

There is dust on pretty much every surface in my room... not just a tiny bit, but quite a visible amount.  I think it's time to wipe everything clean.  Personally I like using these Swiffer ones because the dust really does stick to the dusters quite efficiently.  Makes dusting simple and tidy.  I don't know about you, but maybe it's time you do a little bit of clean up too, who knows?  It's not as hard as it sounds I suppose, I think it'll only take me a couple of minutes.  Such a short time and effort can make a pretty big difference!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Something to Sooth My Pains...

Hey Everyone,

I don't know about you guys, but I have a tendency to get a LOT of canker sores... it seems that whenever there's a slight cut inside my mouth, it turns into a gigantic canker sore.  I'm not sure if it is genetic or anything, but I seem to get it worse than everyone I know =(.

That being said, I've been in pain the past few days, especially when eating.  Ever had the experience when you're looking forward to eating good food, only to have the moment ruined by some sharp pain in your mouth the whole time you're eating?  I'm very familiar with that feeling...

So this is what I bought today:

I find this very helpful.

This really does help ease the pain for me.  Considering how often I get them, I realized it was time for me to finally get something that helps me.  Maybe you have a similar issue as me and need to get something like this too!  Something to think about =).

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Do You Feel Like Buying Anything Anymore?

Hey Everyone,

My apologies for the absence of new posts lately, holiday festivities has kept me away from the computer.
Now that the holidays are pretty much gone... I am sure many of you are looking at your credit card bills and distraught over it! (Like me).  I keep telling myself... NO MORE SPENDING!!... well in reality that is a bit tough. 

Well anyway, what do I feel like buying today?  A new jacket.
Why?  Because personally I only have like... 1 jacket, and where I live it has suddenly became more cold over the past few days.  I guess this is more of a need than want.

I guess I want something that looks like this!

My other jacket (yes I only have one other...) is a really huge poofy jacket... so I want something that is more tight to my skin... and looks better!  Maybe I won't get it today, or this week, but a jacket will be the next thing I'll get for myself!  

Maybe you are in need for a new jacket too, something good to think about.

Thanks for reading!