Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas today!

I don't think it is appropriate to post something to buy today, but hope that everyone has a great day today, opening gifts, spending time with family and friends, and eating a nice dinner =).

I will be updating more often after Christmas as I will have more time!

Thanks for reading and your support!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Idea #8: Gift For Your Boyfriend?

Since I made a post about a gift for girlfriend, I think it's appropriate to post one for boyfriends.
As for me, I can't really think of anything I want from my girlfriend really.  So in that sense I give her a really hard time about this =P.  Usually I try to think of things I need, and to be honest, I am pretty much satisfied in all that I have.

As I thought harder though, maybe there are some subtle things that I would like, such as a new chair for my desk.  My current one is very uncomfortable and my arm rests especially are terrible.  They are actually scraping my elbows and causing a few bumps now and then. 

I find that finding the right chair is very difficult... it has to feel comfortable most importantly, and it also has to feel durable and must be adjustable.  Everyone has different preferences in what kind of chair they feel is comfortable.  I kind of like a chair with a high back, with adjustable height and PADDED arm rests. 

Now I will love something like this from my girlfriend!  (Or just having this kind of chair I guess)

I don't know what kind of things you all need, but maybe your own comfort when using your computer is overlooked!  For all of you who still need to get something for your boyfriends... who knows, maybe ask him about it =P.  They're not all that expensive if you find the right ones!  Maybe you never have any issues thinking of idea of what to buy, but who knows, someday we all encounter this problem of not knowing that gifts to buy for a certain someone.  

In any case, good luck with your gift ideas!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Idea #7: A Gift For Your Girlfriend?

For those of you who have a girlfriend, I'm sure at some point you think or have though that this is a tough one.

Depending on your girlfriend, it can be the most difficult gift to buy.  Let's be honest... some girls are just so unreasonable right? =P  (Sorry girls hate to break it to you but we can't read your minds...)

So what am I going to get my girlfriend?  Personally I'm not one to give a surprise present for Christmas... maybe for her birthday, but not this time.  I want to make sure about what she wants before finding it.  It saves both of us stress and effort. 

Of course I'm not just going to ask her "what do you want?", seems kind of effortless that way.  I like making suggestions, mostly thinking about what she needs.  And no I'm not talking about daily needs like make up or shampoo or whatever. 

So I decided to get her a camera.  I guess you can consider it an inexpensive, or you can consider it a very expensive gift, all depends on you.  My girlfriend's camera recently died, so I think it's time I get her a nice one.  Just a compact one, not a DSLR.

Not gonna get this one, but you get the idea.

Who knows?  Maybe you're gonna run into the same question I did, and perhaps you might also find that a camera is an appropriate gift.  In any case, happy shopping!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Idea #6: Gift for YOURSELF??

Sorry I have been busy lately with exams, I will add entries more often after a week!

Here is something maybe most of us never really think about during Christmas...  how about spoiling ourselves a little???

Yes Christmas is the time of giving, but what's wrong with giving yourself something nice too?

Over the past years the number of gifts given to me has steadily decreased =( ... maybe this is due to friends moving out of time, me not really asking for anything, etc.  Maybe this time around I should get myself something nice to lighten up the mood.

I usually tend to separate my "wants" from my "needs", and this time, I will focus on my "needs".  One thing comes to mind right away right now; I just started steadily working out, and I think I need some weights, particularly dumbbells.  For the past two years I've been trying to shed a few pounds slowly, and now I feel like maybe I am going in the wrong direction.  Maybe I should gain some muscle and feel more like a man =P.

Since in the next few months I am going to be very busy, I probably won't have time to go to the gym to work out, so I am thinking maybe if I get myself some equipment, it will allow me to work out conveniently from my home.  I think I am going to get myself a set of dumbbells !
Dumbbells are a need (for me), not a want.  Maybe you need a set too!
(Not necessarily these ones shown)

For all you guys out there, maybe you need to build some muscle too!  Or maybe you already have some, or maybe you are happy the way you are.  Either way, these can be a good gift for anyone, and for yourself.  They do not expire, get old, and you can always just keep them for the future in case you do need them.  

So what should I buy today?  Dumbbells.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Idea #5: Gifts for the Elderly?

Often times I feel that it is quite difficult to choose out a gift for let's say... my grandparents.  It's tough since generally their way of thinking is behind one or two generations.  That being said, getting them a gift card won't do any good... you CAN give them money, but I think that is a bit odd.  Chances are they will just spend it back on you.

Electronics are also out of the question (most of the time), my grandparents have a tough enough time figure out how to navigate through a cell phone and stuff like that.  You probably don't want to get clothes either because it's definitely hard to find the right style.  Of course there are exceptions, I am just using my own experience as an example right now.

So is there anything that all of us can relate to?  Food? Maybe, but you're not going to wrap some food in a box right?

 Here you go Grandma, Merry Christmas!

Yeah that's awkward.

I think what I will buy is maybe like... a Christmas carol CD, or a cassette tape (lol), or maybe even a CD with some songs that they like.  Surely they have CD players, and they KNOW how to use that!  Of course there are different types of grandparents, different types of personalities, so do what you think is right!  Think about what they know and will enjoy, and try to suit their needs.  

Something like this maybe!

Either way, some people may like it, some people won't.  In my case, I am pretty sure it is appropriate.  Who knows, maybe for your grandparents they want a new fishing rod or something!  In any case, happy shopping! 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas #4: Gift Cards, Good or Bad?

I'm sure this relates to many of you reading this.  Often times we might wonder if getting a gift card for a certain someone is appropriate, and how they would feel about getting one rather than an actual gift.

In my opinion, it really depends on who you are giving a gift card to, and in what situation.  For example, I think it is a very bad idea to give a gift card to a boyfriend or girlfriend, as it implies you didn't put too much thought into the gift.  Since they're your boyfriend/girlfriend, you should know what they want!

If you are finding a gift for a close friend and they're always saying "it doesn't matter what you get me", or "I don't know what I want", then a gift card is probably your best bet.

In my situation right now, I have several gifts to buy; a few for my family, and a few for my friends.  For my siblings, gift cards may be appropriate because they never indicate what they want.  For my parents, probably not, since it would probably be more appropriate if I put more thought into what they need and want, as they would appreciate it much more (whereas my siblings would probably just want gift cards so they can choose themselves).

For my friends, most of them are into video games, computer related stuff and such.  It is tough to decide what to get them most of the time, because I don't know exactly what they want... a console game?  a computer game?  a tech gadget?  shampoo?  Personally, I don't want to just give money, it just seems wrong to me, and they just tell me "just get me anything".  So for my friends, I might give them either a mall gift card, or maybe a Best Buy gift card.  Since in my area, there are many Best Buy stores around, it makes it convenient for me and for my friends if I get a Best Buy gift card.  I guess it depends which one is more convenient for me to get to.  My friends will appreciate it since I suppose they aren't high maintenance, and it saves me lots of stress too.
There are many options you can choose to take, but really be careful who you buy gift cards for!  Some people like it, some people don't.  Even when deciding to get a gift card, make sure you buy it from an appropriate store!  

Happy gift(card) shopping!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas #3: A VERY Inexpensive Suggestion

Hey Everyone,

It seems to me that in my entry about my cash back credit card, many of you were saying how you're tight on budget.  If you are still stumped on what Christmas presents to buy for people, here is one good suggestion that might help.

This is the Waterproof Minus Ion Sport Bracelet Watch.
A nice watch for all ages, it's durable and colorful.  I saw this on sale at a booth in the mall today, and the salesperson was trying to sell one to me for $20....
It's advertised to have some positive physical effects through its "minus ion" technology (although I am skeptical).

Well $20 is quite expensive, but you can get the same item for ONE CENT, yes $0.01!  There is a sale right now here:

Usually it is a bulk buy item, but right now order one for literally $0.01!  Free shipping as well!  (Just choose free shipping, and take out the $1.00 insurance).  This is such a great gift, and it DEFINITELY fits within your budget!  So if you are still short on presents, this is one gift that is hard to resist!  I would definitely buy one, it can be appropriate for gift exchanges and such.

So if you have time, drop by the site and get one of these!  After all... how's one cent going to affect you??

So what should you buy today?  Definitely this sport bracelet watch!

EDIT:  UPDATE... It's at $0.99 now unfortunately... I guess it was too good of a deal.  But for a dollar still can't go wrong!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hey Everyone!

I'll let you all in on an amazing secret right now...

For those of you in North America, maybe you've heard of the Entertainment Book.  It's a book with some amazing coupon deals (there's different books for different cities).  The price of the book starts out at $50, and every once in a while, they have sales.

This makes for a PERFECT gift for parents, or pretty much everyone!

 Can't go wrong with this!

Here is how to get in on this amazing deal... (no there is no catch, try it yourself)!

1.  Sign up for EBates here:

2.  When you are on the site, search for " Coupons & Cash Back", and when you find the 35% cash back, click on "Shop Now".

3.  This will open a new page in the site.  This is the part where you have to follow very carefully!

Right now, the site will not show the current $19.99 deal, but prices that are at around $35.  To change the deal, this is what you need to do:  Right now, the URL should look like:|12345&orcu stom=ebs252149147sbe&AID=12345678&PID=12345&SID=eb s252149147sbe&afsrc=1

If this is not the URL displayed, you will probably need to clear your cookies and try again.

Without doing anything else, change the part EBATES to DM_DEC10_C1
The EBATES part might be different, but change it nontheless to DM_DEC_C1

Hit Enter in the URL box.

Now the site should display the $19.99 deal, WITH the EBATES cashback offer still intact!

Search for your city in the text box, and purchase your Entertainment Book for $19.99!

With the $5 signup bonus from EBates, and the 35% cash back ($7 from $19.99), this makes the book effectively $20-$12 = $8!

I bought one myself 2 days ago, and I received my cash back amount in my account today.  To prove it to you guys, here is a screenshot:

This is not just a perfect gift, but maybe even you can use one =).  Just using ONE coupon in the book will already make up for the cost of the book!  I used it for the zoo, the aquarium, and tons of restaurants last year, and saved probably over $200.

I don't know how long this deal will last, both the cash back offer OR the $19.99 offer... and to be able to combine it together right now makes for an amazing deal!  This is one good gift for just about anyone (who spends money I guess).

Thanks for reading!

UPDATE:  No need to change the URL now, EBates redirects to the $19.99 deal at the Entertainment Book site directly now!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas: Gift for Kids

Hey Everyone,

As promised, Christmas gift ideas!  Perhaps a few of you need to buy gifts for your child(ren), niece or nephews, and have no idea what to get.  Sure there's those typical ideas of getting Lego, or toy cars, or an action figure, but to me that's what everyone gets nowadays.  It's hard to be creative, and it's also hard to pick out what to get when you are in the toys aisle at the department store.

Personally, I hate it when I am stuck in that situation... I plan to go Christmas shopping, and I think "I'll just figure out what to get when I get to the store...".  That never ends up well, I'm sure you know what I mean!  I get to the store, and I can't decide at all what to get... everything is laid out saying to me "pick me!  pick me!", its like being totally pulled apart.

What's worse about buying for kids is that I'm not a kid, and it's hard to figure out something good on the spot.  I realize it is important to have a good idea of what to get BEFORE going to the store.  So here is what I think a good suggestion for a gift for young kids...

Yes, PlayDoh!
I must say, this is not outside the box, it is still a great gift.  Most people will go for the Barbie dolls or the expensive Lego packages, but somehow overlook this.  It's fun, it's creative, just make sure the recipient is NOT TOO YOUNG, otherwise it'll be more of a pain than joy.  This is MUCH better than a box of chocolates (given the right circumstances)!  And I'm sure it will be much appreciated =).  Maybe this Christmas, this idea may come in handy to you when shopping for gifts; it is reasonably priced, and it is easy to find.  

Until next time, thanks for reading!